The city of Ahmedabad, situated in the heart of Gujarat, now the seventh largest metropolis in India and the largest in the state of Gujarat, was founded in 1411 AD as a walled city on the eastern bank of the river Sabarmati.


The city is known for its association with Mahatma Gandhi and, in addition to a complex maze of neighborhoods called pols, hosts some of the country’s finest medieval Islamic architecture.


Historically Ahmedabad has been one of the most important centers of trade and commerce in western India. It is also a major industrial and financial city contributing about 14% of the total investments in all stock exchanges in India and 60% of the total productivity of the state.


It is the home of several scientific and educational institutions of national, regional and global importance. The city has a great architectural tradition reflected in many exquisite monuments, temples and modern buildings.

Ahmedabad’s Strengths

  • Ahmedabad GDP pegged at 64 billion USD in 2012.
  • 3rd fastest growing city as per the Forbes magazine 2010.
  • A Times of India survey ranks Ahmedabad City asĀ India’s Best City live-in in terms of infrastructure.
  • Major base of trade, commerce and industry and engine of industrial and financial growth of the state.
  • Ahmedabad is the First Indian City to receive UNESCO’s World Heritage City Status.


Places to visit in Ahmedabad